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Government that gives us a life of ease
Trickle down tasks to give what we please
Do we know what they hide from us
How can we tell when they lie to us

Campaigns of freedom, platform opportunity
Political Macronet - programmable apathy

Liberty is handed down
Given with no fee
How can this be liberation
Real freedom isn't free

A computerized society
A mechanical ghost
Regulated liberty
And justice for most

Liberty is spread around
Given right to me
I don't think we have freedom
Freedom isn't free

Corporation regulation of democracy
Society in post-apocalyptic devastation
Hypocrisy of freedom, a pardon anxiety
Fortification of what reality

A computerized society
A mechanical ghost
The secret lines in between
The spirit of machine
Liberty and justice for most
I should mention all the little inspirations

Mechanical Ghost - Ghost in the Machine by the Police
"freedom isn't free" - Something for Nothing by Rush
"liberty and justice for most" - slogan on the town hall in the Simpsons :3

Part 2
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November 9, 2012
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